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What's in my sketchbook?

I like to keep a sketchbook with me just about everywhere I go. I usually bring a pencil case and a small watercolour palette that was given to me by my grandma. 

It's a small glimpse into who I am.

If you are interested in seeing some more of my artwork, please check out my Instagram at @KHassVisuals.

Some observational sketches of my mom's hometown in Japan. My brother and I would bike around the city looking for manga stores and yummy food. The sketch on the left is of a popular street intersection that leads to a shrine. I liked how the traditional Japanese architecture contrasted from the modern elements of the city. The sketch on the right is the view from the river next to my grandparents' house. 

Mile of Gold.png

Watercolour painting of my hometown, Kirkland Lake. Kirkland Lake is small mining town in northern Ontario where everyone knows everyone. This painting was done for our town's 100th anniversary which took place in the summer of 2019. 

One summer I decided to face my fear of using ink (I was always scared of how permanent it is, especially after being used to erasing my pencil work if I made a mistake). These illustrations are the result of that...I actually fell in love with line work and went on to design a few tattoos for those who saw and were interested in this style. 


An afternoon spent kayaking on Holmes Lake, Matachewan.


Some of my best memories are from spending time in the outdoors of northern Ontario. After enduring a long and brutal northern winter, you come to really appreciate the sunshine and warmth of summer (I will never get used to the black flies though). 

I've done quite a few sketches/paintings in airports or on airplanes. I like to browse the magazines that are found in the backseat compartments and sketch the travel destinations that are featured in the "Where to Next?" sections. 


This mermaid illustration was developed for a class called Science of Fictional Characters. Using creative thinking in combination with research in biology, my task was to explain some of the unique qualities that a fictional mermaid character may require to survive in the real world. 

For example, the extra integument on their tails and arms are used for cutaneous respiration. The rocking motion of their tails increases ventilation to these highly vascularized areas.